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Running faster, with less effort, whilst avoiding injury is the goal of every runner!

A complete 3D running analysis and biomechanical profile helps you to identify and systematically  address the factors that are holding you back!



The 3D RunFit assessment is for anyone who would like to improve the mechanical efficiency of their running form.  This includes:

  • Recreational runners/joggers of all ages exercising for fitness *

  • Runners with past or present overuse injuries *

  • Park runners that want to improve their Saturday park run times

  • Novice to elite runners wanting to achieve PB's in 5k, 10k, half, full and ultra marathon distances

  • Coaches who want to improve and understand their client's performance

KINEMATICS (how we move our body when running)


The system uses specialist depth motion cameras to capture movement data from people running on a specialist gait analysis treadmill.  This identifies 60 stride parameters including footstrike, cadence, contact time, forward lean, overstride and vertical oscillation as well as joint ranges and symmetry.

medical grade treadmill
3D Gait Analysis
3D Gait Analysis Cadence

Using the runners body weight and height measurements, the system calculates the forces exerted on the runner's body as they strike the floor.  This can be used to analyse and reduce your injury risk and also to improve your performance, depending on your goals.

KINETICS (the forces involved in running) 

3D Gait Analysis Forces
3D Gait Analysis


As we strike the ground our tendons act like tight elastic bands, absorbing and storing impact forces.  This energy is then released as the tendon recoils propelling us forward.  This is free energy and the more (%) we can utilise this natural spring, the easier and more efficient running becomes. 

Achilles Tendon - Spring Mechanics
3D Gait Analysis Elastic Exchange


Your running economy is the amount of energy you use to move your body forward.  Using all of the data the system calculates the amount of energy we use to move each kilogram of body weight forward by 1 metre.  This is displayed using an energy rating similar to what you have on electrical appliances.  As you progress through the programme and become more efficient, this energy rating will increase.

3D Gait Analysis Economy

All the data is interpreted by our specialist running Physiotherapist. A systematic training and running gait modification programme is then personally tailored based on your goals, training history, injury history, mobility and strength tests.  A comprehensive report will be emailed to you showing your gait analysis, gait retraining summary and training programme.


3D RunFit Consultation
Strength Training

To ensure you are effectively achieving your goals we will meet and reassess your progress every 6-8 weeks for 45 minutes.  This allows changes to your running form to become habituated and strength and mobility gains to improve.  Each session will involve retesting, modifying and progressing parameters to improve your physical capacity and bring you closer to your goals.

MotionMetrix 3D RunFit
MotionMetrix 3D RunFit
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