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Rehabilitation or Physiotherapy is a crucial part of recovery after surgery or injury.  You may feel hesitant and apprehensive to move, you might still be in pain, you may feel stiff or you may have forgotten parts of your after care advice.

We are here to put your mind at rest and help you through this recovery process.


A full Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy assessment will be performed including an analysis of your surgical, medical and injury history.  A rehabilitation treatment plan will be made to fit your exact needs.  This plan can be adapted to be completed at home or we can offer one to one sessions with our Physiotherapist in our private Rehabilitation Gym.

Here are some of the ways we can help you to recover:

  • Improve range of motion in the part of your body where you had surgery

  • Improve movement including coordination and balance

  • Strengthen your muscles

  • Teach you how to efficiently stretch your muscles to gain flexibility

  • Reduce pain

  • Teach you how to be safe in your home, to minimise the risk of falls and maintain your independence

We can help you restore physical mobility and function after surgery or an injury to get you back safely doing the things you love!

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