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Treatment & Prevention

Approximately 74% of runners experience a moderate or severe injury each year

Running exerts forces of around 3-5 x your bodyweight on every foot strike. This adds up to over 1,000,000kg (11,000 tonnes) of cumulative load for an average person running for 30 minutes.  Our bodies are amazing in the way they can absorb this stress without breaking instantly.  Unfortunately our tissues do sometimes become overloaded and break down leading to dreaded injuries. 

Common running injuries include:

- Muscle pulls
- Tendon injuries 
- Plantar heel pain/fasciitis
- Anterior knee pain 
- IT band and lateral hip pain 
- Shin splints and bone stress injuries
- Lower back issues
- Meniscal tears
- Foot issues


What causes an injury?
Treating running injuries can be hugely complex in the fact that there are so many factors driving them and everyone has slightly different needs.  We are specialists in treating runners and can successfully simplify the complex rehabilitation process and guide you to painfree running.  
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