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 3D RunFit 

The 3D RunFit service offers runners of all levels the ability to accurately measure and improve their mechanical efficiency.  It helps runners build strong, resilient and injury resistant bodies that can cope with the demands of running (click here to learn more about the system)

3D RunFit Assessment

This service is for those who would like to improve their running technique and efficiency to run faster and longer with reduced chances of injury.  This is perfect for those wanting to improve their race times and start to build a strong, resilient and injury resistant body.

The 3D RunFit assessment includes;

- Assessment of your training and injury history
- Establishing your specific running and training goals
- Mobility assessment
- Load capacity/strength assessment
- 3D Running Gait Analysis to identify and address flaws and imbalances in your running gait
- Gait retraining to improve running efficiency/reduce injury risk 
- Strength training programme to improve resilience and running capacity if required
- Email 3D analysis report 
3D RunFit Assessment
LENGTH: 90 Mins
COST: £150
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